Soft Soak

Soft Soak Spa Products For All Your Hot Tub Needs Hot Tub Spa Supplies carries an extensive line of hot tub chemicals including the high quality Soft Soak Spa products. These safe and effective hot tub chemicals work diligently to keep the water in your hot tub as clean as possible, ensuring your safety during every relaxing soak. All of our Soft Soak Spa products have different jobs that aid in the safety of your hot tub. We offer a spa sanitizer that will kill any bacteria or growths in your water. You can even use our Soft Soak Spa test strips to determine if any hot tub chemicals are needed. These test strips are 'must have' for any spa owner. We want your hot tub to be your personal retreat when you need rest and relaxation. We believe that keeping your water clean and safe should be simple – not a hassle struggling with hot tub chemicals and spa sanitizer products that may be incorrect for you spa. If you have any questions about which hot tub chemicals are recommended for your portable spa, please contact us and one of our professionally trained representatives will help you through the process!

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43022bio Soft Soak Filter Cleaner
Specially formulated to clean spa cartridge filters in Soft Soak or BaquaSpa treated Spas! 32..
43015bio Soft Soak Spa Conditioner
Controls the build-up of waterline deposits. Specifically formulated for us..
43010bio Soft Soak Stain & Scale Control
Controls scale formation & metal staining. Specifically formulated for use with the Soft Soak..
43006bio Soft Soak Shock
Effectively Oxidizes bather waste & helps restore spa water's sparkle. Specifically formulate..
43002bio Soft Soak Sanitizer
Effectively kills bacteria in spas without the odor or "feel" of chlorine or bromine. Replaces Ba..
26340bio Soft Soak 4-Way Test Strips
50 strips per bottle. Tests for Sanitizer, pH, Total Alkalinity & Cal cium Hardness. ..