We have a full selection of bioguard hot tub chemicals at low prices. Spa Guard spa chemicals offer a selection of soft soak hot tub chemicals at low prices. Hot tub spa supplies also carries a selection of mineral purifiers such as the Ag+ freshwater silver ion cart.

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42275bio Total Alkalinity Increaser
Raises the total alkalinity.   1 tbs. per 100 gallons raises total alkalinity 25ppm ..
42257bioCalcium Hardness Increaser
Raises calcium levels. 1 tbs. per 100 gallons increases calcium hardness ~25ppm Prevents corrosion..
42254bio pH Decreaser
  Lowers pH. Protects spa and equipment due to improper ph Prevents cloudy water..
42240bio pH Increaser
Raises the pH Protects corrosion of equipment due to low pH Balances water for bath..
42210bio Spa Sentry
Spa Sentry is the easiest way to control pH for clear, stable water. pH is the most critical fact..