LT Balancers

We carry a full selection of Leisure Time Hot Tub Chemicals at Low Prices. Leisure Time Spa Chemicals offer a full selection of spa and hot tub chemicals.

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Leisure Time Spa Up 2 lb Bottle
Granular product gently adjusts water pH and alkalinity upward. Best used in larger spas and in c..
Leisure Time Spa Metal Down 1 pt
Prevents metal staining of spa surfaces by sequestering iron, copper and other minerals. Ideal wh..
Leisure Time Spa Down  2 lb Bottle
Granular product adjusts water pH and alkalinity down. Provides a greater amount of control for l..
Leisure Time Liquid Spa Up
Gently increases pH with "no mix" liquid. Allows for a more comfortable control of the adjustment..
Leisure Time Liquid Spa Down
  Lowers critical pH levels easily with no mixing or mess.   ..
Leisure Time Calcium Booster 1 qt
Raises water hardness level while preventing foaming and equipment corrosion. ..
Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser 2lbs
Critical to pH control, this granular formula effectively raises alkalinity levels which might ot..