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70319 MotoMassage Jet Assembly

Hot Spring Spa Parts
In Stock

The white colored Moto-Massage Jet is the factory replacement for all Hot Spring spa models.
You can use this in place of grey motomassage jets.



Item Description Part Number
1a Facia Plate Moto White 36079
1b Facia Plate Moto C Grey 36511
1c Facia Plate Moto W Grey 73305
2 Screw 16x3 34366
3a Screw Cover Moto White 36144
3b Scrrew Cover Moto c grey 36510
3c Screw Cover Moto w grey 73306
3d Screw Cover Taupe 71896
4a Moto Jet Assembly white 70319
4b Moto Jet Assembly c grey 71262
4c Moto Jet Assembly w grey 73307
4d Moto Jet Assembly Taupe 71897
5 Air Tube with o oring 70307
6 Abraision cap (air tube) 30723
7 O ring moto air tube 33020
8a Extrusion shim MM Short 36143
8b Extrusion shim MM Long 36557
* Check Valve 38390

* Non Illustrated Part

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